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Education Is The Key to Success

2017 Year

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Texas ELearning is now accepting new students go to http://texas.1worldschool.com/

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The Guardian

2017 Year

JC's Digital Office Equipment is now introducing the Guardian Watch a product to guard your most precious commodity your CHILD. Its designed to track your child 24/7 and will allow your child to Call for help by pressing the SOS button or call closest guardian by pressing button 1 or 2. Checks sleeping habits, tracks steps or running for exercise, tracks if watch is removed all this to make sure your child remains safe..

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2017 Year

The Seeker, The Guardian, The Analyzer and Water the Life, all new technology or devices to help promote safer environment and healthier ways of life.


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JC’s has been around for over a Quarter of a Century.
Our primary goal is to do things that make a difference. We offer the most up to date equipment in the industry. Our suppliers and manufacturers are the top name brands in there professions

Featured Technology of the Month 


The Water of Life..... 


They key points to activating water and benefits are: Action Benefit Adding trace minerals are nutrients that support all major organ function, bone density, cell tissue formation and communications. Slightly alkaline water helps to remove waste matter from cell tissues and blood. Living energetic water helps to stimulate cellular activity and regeneration. Magnetized (structured water) helps the water to be absorbed into blood stream and cellular tissues, thereby increasing cellular hydration.



The Tracker...  

149.00 plus a 10.00 monthly service fee. 

TrackIt, is a new generation of personal GPS tracking gadget for

kids/elderly/pets/personal asset. It is compact, accurate,

discreet and reliable. With Quad-Band GSM connectivity, the

GPS Tracker works anywhere in the world. With SOS panic

button and two-way voice function, you can have voice

conversation with kids/elderly whenever they need your help.

It is as small as a set of car keys and can be easily placed inside

pocket/handbag/suitcase/backpack/etc. You will enjoy a piece

of mind with knowing exactly where your loved ones or

valuable assets are.


V-Tap ...


}Projects in Ultra HD

}32 GB SD Card }Connects to Internet

}Download from PC }Connects to Phone

}Watch movies with stereo sound


}Connects to TV W/HDMI

}Load Apps from App store

}Comes with educational content

}Turns any TV into a Smart TV