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    JC's has been around for many years.
    Our primary goal is to do things that make a difference. We offer the most up to date equipment in the industry. Our suppliers and manufacturers are the top name brands in there professions

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    When ViewSonic Corporation founder James Chu decided to develop and market computer monitors, he recognized the need to develop a powerful brand image - one that would denote superior quality and value. He also understood the advantage of creating a distinct, eye-catching visual identity able to instantly communicate such attributes as brilliant color and sharp resolution. He believed that having a strong aesthetic appeal was particularly important for monitors, since they are the personal computer's most conspicuous component.

    Nearly 8,000 organizations depend on docSTAR from every industry including insurance, financial services, healthcare, real estate/property management, manufacturing, legal, non-profit, education, banking and financial institutions and the public sector. Founded in 1996, docSTAR™, a division of Astria Solutions Group, LLC, is an innovative software company that provides collaborative content management solutions to streamline business processes for organizations of any size. Our document management software, available either on-premises or as a cloud hosted service in the SaaS model (Software as a Service), allows enterprises to gain control over documents, improve retention and increase efficiency. docSTAR integrates with many third party business applications to improve effectiveness with core systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Infor and more.